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A New Thermodynamics

By Kent W. Mayhew
I have self published a book in 2015. It clearly demonstrates that thermodynamics can be wriiten without the use entropy, nor the second law. In other words it is an overhaul of thermodyanmics. And yes it actually simplifies the science.
An improved revised edition should be out shortly as it has been rewriiten. Improvements to grammer and numerous equations has been accomplished. However the essence of the book will be the same.
I am still looking for assistance by anyone who is skilled in the sciences, good at math and is willing to help. The ideal candidate would be someone well versed in thermodynamics and who realizes that the science is fraught with fudge factors, misconceptions and oversights. Sadly such an individual may not exist, call it humanity and reread Tolstoy's quote on the home page of this website.  
So Keep your eyes out for the new book
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