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A New Thermodynamics

By Kent W. Mayhew

 As a dissident physicist I have no support. Moreover I am certainly not institutionalized as most 

scientists who deal with such matters tend to be. Accordingly this website costs me money to run and not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars that my papers have cost me to publish, all out of my meager pockets.


 I live on a mimimal amount of money compared to most. I do not collect welfare nor rely on anyone but myself doing whatever it takes to try to makes ends meet.  At the time of writing this I can fully justify the following statements: If you drive a car less than 30 years old then in all likelihood you make a minimum of 2 or 3 times what I make, and more likely several times. Heck if you can afford a dentist or to go out for diner (more than once a yr at a third rate restraurant) then you are way ahead of me financially.


 If you appreciate this website and believe that others should read it, then please donate what you can. Donations not only will enable this website to live on, but they will also encourage me to write many more blogs. 


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