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A New Thermodynamics

By Kent W. Mayhew
My first book was self published a book in 2015 which was titled: "Changing our perspective Part 1: A New Thermodynamics" . It clearly demonstrates that thermodynamics can be wriiten without the use entropy, nor the second law. In other words it is an overhaul of thermodyanmics. And yes it actually simplified the science but was admittantly poorly written.
An improved revised edition (July 2018) is now out titled "New thermodynamics: Say no to entropy". Improvements to grammer and numerous equations has been accomplished. However the essence of the books are the same.
This book represents the rewriting of the science without any reliance upon entropy nor the second law thus clearly demonstrating a simplification of the science based upon constructive logic can be had. This will consider kinetic versus potential energy, along with associated mechanical aspects along with the understanding that molecular interaction are inelastic. Moreover the need for the second law becomes non-sensible once you realize that the main reason processes are irreversible is that work is done onto the atmosphere by useful expanding systems i.e. lost work! 
 Before a text for the classroom can be given, improvements are still required. This is a process not a miracle. I am still looking for assistance by anyone who is skilled in the sciences, good at math and is willing to help. The ideal candidates are those well versed in the sciences and who realizes that the science is fraught with fudge factors, misconceptions and gross oversights. Sadly such an individual may not exist, call it humanity and reread Tolstoy's quote . Such is the unbearble face of human dignity.  
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