Table of Contents Author's Book 2

A New Thermodynamics

By Kent W. Mayhew

 This book is not yet published but was written several yrs ago.

Hopefully a version of this book will be out soon


Changing Our Perspective

Part 2:

Nucleation Theory and Tensile Layers


Chapter 2: Tensile Surfaces


Section 1: Flat Tensile Layers

Section 2: Young-Laplace Equation

Section 3: Elliptical versus Spherical Tensile Layers

Section 4: Cohesive Forces and Interfaces

Section 5: Pressure in Bubbles

Section 6: Pressure in Droplets and Globules

Section 7: Capillary Rise

Section 8: Capillary Depression 

Section 9: Stability of Tensile Layers


Chapter 3: Nucleation Theory


Section 1: Clusters

Section 2: Work in Nucleation Processes

Section 3: Issues with the Probability of Nucleation

Section 4: Accessible Energy and Probabilities

Section 5: Nucleation Rates

Section 6: Coalescing Clusters

Section 7: Gibbs’s Globule



Chapter 4: Bubble Nucleation      


Section 1: Energetics of Bubble Nucleation                            

Section 2: Probability and Bubble Nucleation Rate

Section 3: Bubble Stability and/or Work Required

Section 4: Energetics of Water Vapor Bubbles

Section 5: Laser Induced Water Vapor Bubbles

Section 6: Crevice and Surface Bubbles

Section 7: Boiling Point and Superheat

Section 8: Boiling Processes 

Section 9: Exploding Cups of Tea

Section 10: A-clusters Nucleating into Gaseous Bubbles

Section 11: Bubbles in Pop

Section 12: Closed Systems

Section 13: The Rising Bubble Enigma

Section 14: Surface-active Substances

Section 15: Coalescing of Bubbles



Chapter 5:  Cavitation and Unstable Bubbles


Section 1: Cavitation

Section 2: Point Defects in Liquids

Section 3: Negative Work

Section 4: Cavitation and the Ratio

Section 5: Pressure Equilibrium

Section 6: Volume Expanding Forces

Section 7: Bubble and Cavitation Expansion

Section 8: Sonoluminescence

Section 9: Cavitation Coalescing

Section 10: Electron Bubble

Section 11: Elongated Shrinking Bubbles and/or Cavitations


Chapter 6: Liquid Drop Nucleation


Section 1: Energetics of Liquid Drop Nucleation

Section 2: Thermal Contact and Heat Sinks

Section 3: Surface Enrichment

Section 4: Cloud Chamber

Section 4: Previous Droplet Research


Chapter 7: DCI and other Health Issues


Section 1: Review of Relevant Equations for DCI Bubbles

Section 2: Problematic Thought  

Section 3: Starting the Understanding

Section 4: Anatomical Squares

Section 5: The Probability Based Argument

Section 6: The Stable Bubble Argument

Section 7: Putting It Together

Section 8: Explaining DCI

Section 9: The Human Refrigerator

Section 10: Giving a Bent Diver Oxygen

Section 11: Understanding Hyperbaric Chambers

Section 12: Hypercapnia and High Blood Pressure

Section 13: Comments Concerning Medical Research


Chapter 8: Cosmology


Section 1: Accepted Cosmological Basics

Section 2: Shooting the Arrow of Time 

Section 3: Our Adiabatically Expanding Universe

Section 4: Surfing the Cosmic Wave

Section 5: Zero Energy Space

Section 6: Black Holes

Section 7: Our Universe’s Internal Energy





A.1: Steam Table

A.2: Data Analysis Latent Heat versus Pressure

A.3: Cloud of Similar Charged Particles

A.4: Data Analysis for the Laser Boiling Experiment


B.1: Binomial, Gaussian and Poisson Distributions

B.2: Normalization Constant

B.3: Boltzmann’s Constant

B.4: Equipartition Theorem

B.5: Debye’s Model

B.6: Blackbody Radiation

B.7: The Compton Effect

B.8: Scattering Cross-Section

B.9: Membrane Stress

B.10: Mirror Imaging of Forces

B.11: Mechanical Work

B.12: Joule’s Experiment

B:13: Bernoulli’s principle  ??



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