A New Thermodynamics

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By Kent W. Mayhew


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31) Latent heat: An overhaul
33) Issues with the probability function
35) Henry's law: A rethink of reasoning
34) Solubility without entropy
25) Dealing with tensile layers: new considerations
26) Nucleation theory: Rewrite the science
27) Droplet: New insights
28) Bubbles: New insights
29) Cavitations
30) Understanding DCI
More thermodynamic myths/fallacy
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Thermodynamic myths

7) All of a gaseous systemís energy can be extracted for work. Everyone realizes that few mechanical devices are anywhere close to being 100% efficient. What they fail to realize is that it is impossible to extract all the thermal energy within a system for the purpose of work. This is fundamental to what work vs energy is and has nothing to do with entropy.

8) Inter molecular collisions are elastic: The reality is that intermolecular collision tends to be inelastic. Not only does this explain molecular dissipation, it also helps explain the fact that temperature increases with pressure. See Kinetic theory   My peer reviewed paper

9) Solubility needs entropy to be explained. This completely ridiculous contemplation must end. There is a simpler narrative trust me. I will get around to it in this website.

41) Reversibility: Raising a rock
Is raising a rock reversible?
43) Global Warming Part 2: Problematic theories
42) Global warming Part 1: Lost work
What current theories like greenhouse gases is missing
Implications of lost work to global warming
Understanding system vs surroundings parameters and Lost work
46) Parameters and lost work
47) Illusionary Reversible work
Discussion of some of the implications to cosmology
48) Some Implications to Cosmology
Discussion of traditional illusionary reversible work
44) Global Warming Part 3: Problematic theories
45) Spectroscopy and homonuclear diatomic gases
Why diatomic gas's infra-red spectrum does not show in spectroscopy
49) Arrow of time
Based upon a blog by Nick Percival